Appointment Setting 

Gain Visibility Within The Salesforce Ecosystem


FollowAnalytics provides a mobile development platform dedicated to any business (B2B and B2C) that wants to create a mobile app in a matter of weeks.


Built on Heroku, a development platform recently acquired by Salesforce, they needed to be top of mind for Salesforce AEs (account executives).

The AE’s are the point of entry to many opportunities, promoting to their customers and prospects using the Salesforce brand name.



Accelerate cost-effectively the momentum within the Salesforce sales team.


As Purple Sales customizes outreach strategy and implementation, we have teamed up with the Follow Analytics sales team to gain much more interest from Salesforce AEs to uncover more deals.


Leveraging the right messaging from FollowAnalytics and specific automation tools designed to reach out to more Salesforce AEs, many email cadences have been launched and managed, resulting in many more appointments for FollowAnalytics.


Methodology includes CRM configuration, contact data research, targeted cadences of cold emails and warm calls, appointment setting.


FollowAnalytics was able to reach out to AE’s THREE TIMES FASTER than doing it on their own. 

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